Trying to make a proyectil motion using collided block and local variable

hi, i am a trouble about animate a proyectil using only collided block and local variable. this is my blocks. the problem is that the blue ball not working correctly the movement of proyectil motion. the ball is going to up. but the formula of gravity say that need go to down. like a proyectil initiating first from down to up and next down. i am trying make this for not use clock and reduce lag in animations. the blocks work well using timers but i am using collided, speed and a incremental using the collided balls.


movpelotasalto.aia (10.5 KB)

the formula that i am using is the formula for gravity

How do you repeatedly enforce gravity without a Clock?

It needs to run over time.

Collisions are only momentary, then they are done and the objects move apart.

If you try to loop over time, you won't see intermediate results, only the end result.

but my code using the colission between 2 balls and the use of the local variable can simulate a clock incremental, i dont know why cant work properly.

i am not forcing gravity i am using the formula for proyectile and might be work because is the same that the clock timer using the base incremental.

Your code lacks iteration.