Trying to make a list using spinner for select with the block for each

hi, i am trying to use spinner for select item index from elements from string using for each in list but i dont know if its ok . someone can help me with that?

and one question more, its if the elements from string need to be inside for each list?

.ElementFromString should be "one,two,three" but not a list.

then how can call every item using not a make list and a select list? because in the design i have in elements fron string, a list of strings.

Also, have you seen the default values for your FaceExtension items?


Are we to assume you already have data for these, otherwise the list you are building won't make much sense ?

If you really need ElementsFromString, then you could build something like this:


but i would like call using the elements from string that i wrote in the design. not in the block. so i use the make list and use the block select item from list to call every item that i wrote in the design. or i cant use the list index for call every element string from spinner?. you could see in the images that i uploaded.

As you have already been advised, you cannot set an AI2 list using ElementsFromString

Use Elements which handles lists


What you are attempting does not seem to make sense, unless you need to see the numbers, you already have the indexes in your list; item 1 is index 1, item 2 is index 2, etc.