Trying to load images using taifun files

i am trying to load images using the taifun files but dont work i get error. this is my blocks

There is no such shared shorage called Downloads, it is called Download

PS: you forgot to tell us, which error you get...

this is the error that i get when i touch the button

Well, an index can't be 0
Swap these blocks

Also instead of 1 you could use length of list to display the last image from the list...

However your screenshot does not show any filenames in the list, only 5 times the same directory name???

Btw why do you use a clock to add the same images again and again to the list?

Also you add the file list as 1 item into your list called name... does that make sense? Obviously not...

I almost can't find any correct block in your screenshot...

Learn how to work with lists


i am trying to add to the list every image route from file list, like 1,2,3 images route so i am using a clock to add every item image file to a list

maybe using this block to add correctly and assign a index correctly

and using the clock counter in index

What is an image route?

The Filelist method gives you a list of all filenames (including path) of a given directory
There is no need to use a clock
Show us a Do it rssult of the Filelist method


my image route is the route of the image /download/images/image1.jpg . i know that the block can get all list of jpg files or something. but my objective was add every name file in the list, and next call the index list to select the image that i will like show in the image component. ok i will change my blocks using your hints. thanks

i am trying to get or select a item from a list without use listpicker. but maybe its impossible?. someone can guide me about that.

?? with the "select list item" block?

i try using the block but not select the item because when i try to call get error

show your relevant blocks and explain what do you want to achieve

i am trying not use a listpicker but the element cant get selected. the list get 4 elements. but when i call item from a list get error

which is the list with 4 elements? I see a "name" variable initialize like a list but later handled like a has not sense

because i am trying to call the index of the list using number or its not possible make that?

Yes, it is possible and the correct way...but the index must be placed in "index" socket and the list in the "list" socket...

some example. because a read the guide to send me taifun but i cant get some example that clarify me how can make to not combine numbers with a list

but i can create a list using create empty list and next add the items using coma and textbot and call using your example call index?

You could always create a list of the indexes of another list


(it is not obvious to me what it is you actually want to do)

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