Trying to Get webviewer to read a url from a csv

I have this code here, and it's meant to take the url associated with a feature and combine it with the wikipedia link to display the page for what a particular feature represents, but it only ever shows me the link for the last item in the list

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That shouldn't be surprising. If global data is a list of 4 elements, then


would be the last item in the list.


does the code inside 4 times. So, it "sets" the HomeUrl of the WebViewer 4 times, so only the last item will work.

Can you try this?

no, it doesn't. are there any other snippets of code you'd like me to show you?

Would you mind sending the AIA file here so that I can debug it?

MapApp.aia (103.4 KB)

Try this one MapApp_1.aia (105.5 KB)

Changes made


That worked for me! thank you!


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