Trying to get matching game to run properly

Hello!, I'm a student working on a game for a project and whenever I try to use the "Match Found" button I get this error message: (Property setter was expecting a component but got a YailList instead. Problem with application). I don't understand what I'm doing wrong any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

You are trying to set a button component from a list (of button components?), not a button component within a list.


Are blocks like this actually doing anything ?


Lots of errors, stopped at 3.

Pay attention to matching procedure parameter with expected type.

Enabled is true/false, not some magic selector that chooses a tile from a list.

Loop over lists of components, setting component attributes one at a time, if you need to set the whole lists' component attributes.

Your inits of component lists should be global, outside of procedures, to make them available to events.