Trying to get input from Arduino UNO to App through Bluetooth Module (HC-05). [Serial.write()]

Hi Good Day, I'm working on a small project. I am trying to receive input from the Arduino to the app through a Bluetooth module but currently, I am unable to do so i have tried using Serial.write and also importing the library <SoftwareSerial.h> on Arduino IDE. But no input is getting registered on the label, also probably no input is received by the app.

Please recommend a solution for the above problem.

You can't do that in Screen.Initialize. That runs way earlier than the connection process.

Instead, pull in a Clock from the Sensors Drawer,
and move your BlueTooth input processing to a Clock1.Timer event.

Thank You, it worked.
But, we are getting a delay in the reading of the data.
Is there any solution?

Go into your Clock component and reduce the milliseconds between cycles enough to make it run faster than the transmitter.

Otherwise, data piles up in the input buffer.