Trying to get information from JS from webviewer

I'm trying to get JS to pass information in the form of text to my program how would I do that?

Show an example of the js....

You would usually use the webviewer js block and wrap your js in:

window.AppInventor.setWebViewString(<your JS>);

then capture the output in the webviewerstring changed block

lets say I'm trying to get the variable x out of JS and into my program what would I have to add?

as previously requested....

X="Information in string form";
X = X.replace("in", "");

Something like that, the code I'm working with is longer



also see

Here is a simple example, so you can hopefully understand how it works:

Here is your js:

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do you need to do the join or is that just to make it easier to understand?

It was for viewing purposes only, but you may find it useful to work that way, because of the way the text block truncates the text in the blocks editor

just making sure

:wink: well done

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