Trying to extract specific data from tinydb that all has the same tag

The app im making is going to help me keep track of the work i complete throughout the day.
so currently it just saves all data under one tag, because i want to save everything for that specific day, and as you can tell that tag is the date. all my data is under that date, currently what im doing is using a new screen, having a lable there that displays all my data on the one lable when i set the date.
just realised ideally having one screen is better and using the visbility feature to make that work.
but will work on that later.
right now i have a save button, when pressed it gives a choice and if they choose "Yes" then it does this, stores all that data for that specific day.

ill explain using my interface, what im trying to do is save all that data for the date, but it saves everytime i click the plus or the minus and then updates that specific lable for that specific data. for example, for sogeasim i click plus and the program saves the data and updates the sogea lable with the new data so the lable will say "SogeaSim: 1" and that way i can close the app and come back to it being the same as i left it, as things update throughout the day... that could also help me get rid of the save button and the extra screen i use for displaying collected data.

so ideally it will update in realtime as i click plus or minus, as i was writing this i got an idea, kind of works but not really...

what happens in this is that, it updates sogea lable without a problem but when it comes to the coppersim it only updates the lable if my last action was to click the plus button for the sogeasim and that will only allow me to click plus button on the copper sim to update the lable, the minus wont update the lable until i click the minus on the sogeasim then i can click minus on the coppersim and the lable will update.

i am actively working on it, i havent touched appinventor in so long or any other coding, im basically a begginner at this point, so anyone with some guidence will be really appreciated! thanks

This project is pretty close to what you need, except you would have to add the date to each tag in the purchases db.