Trying to change button colour based on Bluetooth text received

Tried numerous ways (searched topics) but i am missing something. If I receive a “Z” from bluetooth I want a button to turn green otherwise stay default colour. Anyone do this before

if var = Z, then button.backgroundColor = green

blocks (10)

not seeing “global bluetoothValue” as an option

That is just a variable I created, I do not know how you are handling your bluetooth response.

the data is being displayed in a label

You might get better results with a text Contains ‘Z’ test, in case your incoming data is clumped up.
We haven’t seen your blocks yet.

Please download and post each of those event block(s)/procedures here …
(sample video)

got it working. thanks.

please provide a screenshot of the working solution then
this might help others in the future. Thank you.


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