Trouble with Lists

So I am making this game in which you are driving a school bus to pick up kids and send them to school.

My problem is changing the street and knowing which street you are on.

I tried to do it once with a lot of IF statements

It did end up working but it was so tedious and not most efficient method.

I started thinking what if I used lists instead.

I haven't used lists at all, so Iooked up some tutorials.

I feel like the more I read from tutorials the less I understand of them.

Here is a map, not sure if it'll help or not.

I just want to know some of the basic mechanics lists have. And being able to see them in action to learn how they work.

If you can send me a picture of some code in a project and explaining how things work in it, it will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a sample of a table-driven navigational app, journeying from the Big Bang to MIT:

For your app, you would need to narrow the bus locations down to street blocks and bus directions (N,E,W,S)

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Thank you, this is very good and hopefully I'll learn some things from this.