Trouble deleting items from backpack


I am attempting to delete a single block from my backpack. However, when I right-click a block and click on the "remove from backpack" button, nothing happens. If I click the "remove from backpack" button multiple times, not only will the block not be removed from my backpack, but it will be inserted into my block screen when I exit the bookbag. Any help in fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

Sometime changing your zoom level (+) / (-) helps.

Actually, the MIT Servers are not at their best at the moment and that also might have an effect. If something does not work, clicking it multiple times is pretty much guaranteed to make matters worse. :upside_down_face:

For further context, I have had this problem for at least two weeks whenever I use MIT App inventor.

Ah, that makes a big difference!

  1. Is it always within the same file?
  2. What is the exact Block please Conrad (trying to reproduce the issue here)

It happens across multiple files. I have also uploaded images of the blocks I am referring to (a custom procedure that I have created).

Ah I see, the whole Procedure, not a "single" Block as such and more than one copy of the same Procedure which the Backpack has auto-numbered? If so, does that mean there are six in the Backpack?

If you first save a backup to your PC (as MIT may need to see it), does "Empty the BackPack" work?

OK I have reproduced the issue. I sent 15 copies of the same 69 Block Procedure to the Backpack. The first is not numbered (call it 0), the others numbered sequentially by the Backpack (1 to 14).

0 to 13 cannot be removed. However, if I go through them in reverse order (14 to 0), they can all be removed. So, perhaps a bit odd but there might be some logic behind it.

There is an easier alternative to the Backpack.
(I keep mine empty, except for a momentary drag assist.)

Set aside folders for Downloaded Blocks Images of your procedures on your PC
(I use free DropBox for portability and backup) and drag the .png files into your Blocks Editor workspace as needed.

Do you have any expansion blocks in your backpack?

It's possible that your backpack is corrupt which is why the menu item doesn't respond. If you give us permission, we can access your account and try to understand what specifically is causing the issue.

I think it is reproducible, try my test in my last post.

Many of my procedures call other procedures which I have made. There were many instances where I had updated sub-procedures for use in newer larger procedures. The problem is, I failed to delete from my backpack the old larger procedures which relied on the older versions of the sub-procedures. Therefore, each time I would add new versions of sub-procedures and new procedures to my book bags, the old procedures would be modified in weird ways. I didn’t think much of it or even realize that my backpack could be corrupted.

Rather than attempt to debug each “thing” (procedure, etc.) in my backpack one by one (I have over 180 “things” in my backpack) I realized it would be better to paste all the “things” in my backpack into a new project, delete and modify the “things” on the screen as necessary, then empty my backpack and refill it with the “things” on the screen.

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If you download your procedures as .png files, you can save those on github, which has version control and subfolders, all for free.

So you could have old and new versions of your procedures, ready to drag into your Blocks Editor workspace.


It looks like you were correct @ewpatton. When I emptied my backpack and added the remodified blocks, I can now delete individual items from my backpack. The issue has been resolved.

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