Trouble connecting to MIT

You are recommending I DL AI2offline 3.9.7 and Java JDK 8 correct?
do a full uninstall of JDK 18?

uninstall everything and start over?

If you don't use it anyway, why not.
You just need to install Java JDK 8.

I DLed the AI offline 64 bit version I removed JAVA JDK18 and left JDK8 64 bit installed.
I am right back where I began with the wonderful error :frowning_face:

I then DLed 32 bit and it created a folder which has
WinStartAIServer.bat (not cmd but bat)
I click them and nothing happens !! :frowning_face:

I return to #17 above and it works :roll_eyes:

I do not understand the link you gave at all: AI2Offline / Tickets / #5 AI2Offline3.9.7z

What's not to understand there? Download and unzip it. That's all.


I did not understand because I was looking at the images as instructions and they are in Russian I think.

I deleted my Java and installed the link software and now there is no Java folder in Programs.

I uninstalled AI2Offline_x64.exe, removed the AI2Offline folder, cleaned the computer, reinstalled AI2Offline_x64.exe

I still do not have:
AI2Offine2.9 folder
WinStart files

Nothing has changed.

OK I started new using AI2 32bit which has the files in your picture.

I am so confused now from all of this. I am again attempting to DL Java JDK 8 but now it requires me to be a company to sign in and get 8 downloaded ! I cant find or DL JDK 8


Download from the following link

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For this you have to create an account with Oracle.
But not with the link I posted.

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Yup I tried that. I am retired and dont own a company. Dont have a USA phone number.
Cant get it.

NOT with the link you posted? I cant read German and I did try but cant find JDK8 for Win7.
Without a clue.

Thanks Dora but I dont have a company, not working, no USA telephone number

or use an OpenJDK

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Why is there an AI2U folder if it is supposedly old and no longer used?
I installed the 3.9 executable and the .exe works once and then quits.
However, I wrote my own .exe to fire up the modules of AI2U and it works :flushed:
well it works sometimes and sometimes not but not any different from AI2 online version !
sometimes the companion will load and sometimes it will not but AI2 does run in the browser and loads the current app project.

Why does the companion fail to load the files?

This refers to AIStarter which was last provided in version v46 of AI2U. I use this when I want to connect via USB (offline).

Are you getting an error by the way ?
If yes post an image of that to let us see what the error is.

If you read here you will see what I have gone through to get OFFLINE version working @SHUBHAMR69 . I have finally gotten it to work but it ALWAYS fails saying it cannot load my files for the app. THE VERY SAME THING happens if I am lucky enough to connect to MITAI online

@SHUBHAMR69 I will help you if you need it. I can give you the exe I designed to make offline work also if you cant get it working

BOTH: MITAI2 online and offline fail when attempting to load the files to my app

What files? Files in addition to your Project File (.aia) such as images? Or do you simply mean your Project Files will not load. Please be specific Wes. If you cannot get your Project files to load, post one here for us to test and examine.

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