Trojan on my game of just 20 files, what file could it be and what reason, evo gen trojan.... help

1:54 on this video you can see that the cell phone detects it as a virus, DevBlog #6 Creative Oven Studios Platformer 2d game, VIRUS WHAT, EB on the works remaking stuff. - YouTube and for that app you also see the app. .apk contains virus...

Please help...
How do I get rid of the virus?
In what file I know the virus is at?


I think it is a false positive.

Even with an empty application it reports virus, Meaning the hello world default application, any idea?
How to get rid of it?

When is this problem fixed? Are you guys working on it? just curious....

It is a false positive. All antiviruses want to warn you with simple things that are not viruses, similar to how we get Pollen Allergy.

Btw are you using Avast? Because Avast is one of the worst antiviruses ever! pointed out by @Know_About_IT

It's a problem with the antivirus reporting a false positive as said earlier, not with App Inventor. You could try disabling your anti virus or whitelisting the app that's being reported as a virus in the anti-virus configuration.


I think everytime the user installs AI2 app, they need to whitelist them right?

What if you simply click on Ignore?


I also built the app on Appzard and get no issues with this virus "Evo-gen".
So as I said, it seems to be an issue only with AI2.

But on all distros the Image component requests incorrectly READ permission also for the ASD.

There is a pull-request from me which fixes that issue (hopefully)

Fine, but I already reported this bug on July 7:

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That would be wrong - someone could make a malicious App with App Inventor.

If you have created an App and during testing you get an Anti-Virus alert, you can upload your APK to the AV Lab. They will test it and if found to be virus free, will adjust their AV program accordingly:

ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Links to Anti-Virus Report Forms

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