Extension to download a file to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

The extension works here if I create a sub-folder in the ASD.

Ok, thanks for the hint to Github @Taifun.

I found this bug here:

But I don't want to wade through nearly 400 issues (links) on Github. The (open) bugs should be listed here in the forum (IMO).

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I built the same app on Niotron and there is no issue with this virus "Evo-gen".
So it seems to be an AI2 problem.


Definitely related to AI2 (could try Kodular too?) but currently this is the only extension with an AV issue.

Virus Total - AI2

Virus Total - Niotron

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Identical code using extension v2 (2020-11-01) does not trigger a virus warning. :koala:

Buenas noches a todos. Esta extensión me parece muy buena. Apenas estoy empezando con Inventor y probé esta extensión para descargar un archivo csv desde Google drive, sin embargo veo no descarga este tipo de archivos CSV que es diferente a un txt.
Por otro lado veo que no sobreescribe sino va agregando un nro en secuencia a cada archivo.
Hay alguna forma de poder importar CSV y sobreescriba los archivos?

Hello Joshua

This extension does download CSV files. Given that the files are stored in the ASD, your App can delete redundant/old files before downloading new ones.

Hola y muchas gracias por tu respuesta Chris !!
Algo debe estar pasando porque la extensión la descargue hoy y he probado con 2 archivos y al parecer no los baja como tal. En Google drive están como csv y los puedo ver con un simple editor de texto, pero cuando los descarga y coloca en la carpeta de la app los he tratado de ver igual con un editor de texto o Excel y los muestra totalmente diferente y con muchos caracteres especiales y ello me lleva a dar errores como es:
Syntax error: quote in unquoted cell
Cannot parse text arfument to "list from csv table" as a CSV- formatted table.

Es por este error que decidí ver los archivos importados y me pude dar cuenta que están totalmente distorsionados,


La versión que descargue fue: Built 2022-04-19Z

We would need to see your Blocks Joshua. That data is not a distortion however, it's actually HTML code, so it's possible that you have downloaded the wrong file, or the CSV is really an HTML.


Your code to download the file is not correct, you are observing the source code of the google page indicating error in downloading the file.

See post #97 and #99:

I got this error while using this special version:

both on ai companion in emulator, and on my cell phone.
Android 11.

Did you try with the APK?
I don't think so. It doesn't work with Companion because this permission is not declared in the Companion's Manifest:
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION"/>

I've now checked it again on Android 11 and 12 (Pixel 2XL, Pixel 4XL) with no issues.

ok I will check later and report here.

checked, working after install apk..

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Result of Avast Lab Test:


Thank you for contacting Avast and reporting a false positive file detection. I'm happy to help.

The reported file was checked by Avast virus specialists and based on the findings the detection was removed. The file is now marked as clean in the Avast virus database. This change may take up to 24 hours to take full effect. Please accept my apology for the inconvenience caused.

If the detection persists after 24 hours, please update the Avast virus database and reply to this email with attached files:

  1. Take a screenshot of the Avast detection dialog (Threat Secured pop-up with See details - displayed at the bottom).
  2. A screenshot of the Avast virus database (open Avast Antivirus and go to Menu > About).

I hope you have a nice day, and stay safe online.

Avast Customer Care Team

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So the challenge is that all antivirus systems are heuristics because virus authors and antivirus authors are playing a cat-and-mouse game. Virus authors don't want to be caught and antivirus authors want to catch viruses.

We at MIT publish the App Inventor sources publicly on GitHub (GitHub - mit-cml/appinventor-sources: MIT App Inventor Public Open Source). However, folks with less positive intentions can make use of our sources to publish executables that are malicious. Since the heuristic approaches of most AV systems don't typically account for this, sometimes apps built with App Inventor can be flagged as malicious. If, for some reason, you don't trust the software published by MIT, you're welcome download, review, and compile your own version of the sources as we have nothing to hide.