Trojan detected in my app

Hello everyone,

Extensions list -

  1. @yusufcihan's dynamic components extension
  2. @Juan_Antonio pdf extension used.
    Any solution ?

Click "ignore".

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Create a simple app with just the KIO4_Pdf extension and check if it gives you an error.


It doesn't shows any error.

hey similarly create a

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Is your android version is or below 7 ?

Its Android 10.

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Sorry, Then I don't know

Do you think those respective extension developers can create 'trojan' extensions?
And also search before you post because a lot of app stores give same misleading and false errors of trojan and malwares.


It is not necessarily the extensions triggering the detection. However, you should make sure that they are 100% compatible with the Android versions your App will be installed on.

What Anti-Virus software is producing that warning? It is most likely a false positive. You can report the issue to the developers of the Anti-Virus software via their website. They will lab-test it. If their software has made a false positive, they will edit their software. Links on my website: Links to Anti-Virus Report Forms


As I know It is an false detection of Antivirus that The extension contains a trojan
This Happens becuase of of @yusufcihan Dynamic component extension
Thus Just ignore it

See here:-


...then the developer of the extension should contact kaspersky via their website.

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