Triggering event when clicking on search list for listview

Hi, was thinking of moving up the search list to the top of the screen when the search list is clicked on. Or is there an extension or function which allows the pop-up of a keyboard to trigger certain event?

Reason to do so is to prevent overlapping of keyboard on the search list when the keyboard pops up. I could move the whole listview higher to begin with, but that will not be ideal as i would still like to have some info at the top of the screen.

Thanks in advance!

Make your own Filter Bar ?

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Will try so, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Manage to get it to work with the custom filter bar as it allows the GotFocus event trigger. As to lose focus and return the screen back to its original setting, I utilised the backpress event trigger to bring focus to a hidden dummy textbox, causing the custom filter bar search textbox to lose focus.

Thanks for the help @TIMAI2

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