Tried to use a file from the Download folder

I have a file in the Download folder, passed through the mobile's Bluetooth, the problem is that I cannot access it to read it and upload it to Firebase. The file is a .mp4 video. I have tried Tainful, but I can only know that it exists, but I cannot read it, let alone move, copy or delete it.

Android version? On Android 13+ you must request READ_MEDIA_VIDEO instead of READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

It have an error

And again

I think it is Android 12. So try to request READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.

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That was. But, how i can copy the file. It's a file send by bluetooth, and i need to copy this to firebase, but first need to change the name, for that i'm trying to move to my ASD to rename and then send.


It works. Thaks a lot.

Where is the block "GetApiLevel"?

I got. Thanks.

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