Trash_Match app help

how do you make a text that everytime you get the wrong answer and it says "try again!" there would be a reason to why its wrong in MIT app inventor

What is wrong? Do you have a error photo? Show your relavent blocks screenshot.

I've been trying to figure out how to make a text that everytime the user gets the wrong answer it tells them to why the answer was wrong because I'm amking this matching game app about trashes

The snag is, it is difficult to give the User the reason without giving them the right answer?

Can you give us a representative example of three or four questions? Then we would have a better idea as to how help.

You need a way to pair answer prompts with matching commentaries.
There are several ways to do this:

  • an extra list of commentaries, parallel to the list of answer prompts at matching indexes
  • Divide each prompt with a special character like "|" with the prompt at the left and the commentary on the right. Split at | and select 1st or 2nd item to get parts.
  • add extra columns to your question and answer table, if storing questions in a table.

Like I have 4 bins when the user drags the wrong trash to the wrong bin it explains why its not there like example:

The user places the banana peel on the recycling bin and it would later on explain why it doesn't belong there.

What you did until now? show your relevant screen shot.

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So 4 bins, only 1 is correct for any given item.

I would make a Blocks List of the Items and comments - are you using sprites?

You would have 1 comment acknowledging the correct Bin choice and one comment noting the incorrect choice for the other 3 bins: