Transparent html page on camera

Good evening. I have this problem: I would like to make an html page transparent that must be placed (overlaid) on the smartphone's turned-on camera. Can anyone help me?

Unclear, explain in more detail...

See also here:

It is not possible (as far as I know) to make the webview transparent.

Of course...1) in appinvento2 I turn on the camera 2) then I open a web page and it overlaps the camera. I want to make this web page transparent and at the same time have the camera turned on and visible. See the prova.aia example
prova.aia (1.8 KB)


look at the screenshot. The photo camera is turned on (background) and a web page appears on the surface offering the graph you see. In the prova.aia example that I sent I cannot obtain this result (I am not very familiar with appinventor 2)

You can try something with the procam extension

Does it have to be a web page / html, can you recreate using images ?

here's another example of an html web page that I would like to overlay the camera on

As a background there is the camera and on the surface a graph taken from another app (see screenshot). Instead I have a graph from a web page (see previous screenshot). In the case of the web page, I want to display only the graphic to be superimposed on the camera). Thanks for any help I will get.

This is the app I created. As you can see, the web page overlaps the camera. The ideal would be to make all the non-graphic and non-numerical pixels disappear

use this small extension:
cn.kevinkun.WebViewPlus.aix (4.0 KB)

it looks like your web page has a back ground color, maybe you need to remove it first.

The function of this extension has been integrated in this WebViewExtra extension

  1. I inserted the WebViewExtra 1 extension
  2. I eliminated back ground color, but I did not get the camera as an active background and the web page as a transparent overlay ( You can create a block?

You need use other two extensions: cameraview extension and Overlap extension.

The native camera component can not do what you want.

Or use the Procam extension which provides for an overlay of the live camera image

I didn't succeed

Try this

CamOverlayWv.aia (67.4 KB)

Credits @Kumaraswamy & @VSATISH13