Transition From One to Another Screen: A White Screen Appears for Second or Two

Dear AppInventor friends,

Since some hours I try to solve the transition problem between my screens. I have nine screens. And if I change the screen, I get a white screen between the two screens. I do not want this white screen. I used a code from @Anke for the screen change, I think it was from Anke. But something in my app is not correct. Even I deleted my sprite canvas with the garden designer, but this was not the reason. Please help. Thank you very much. Here a screenshot of the Screen1 code.

I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to here. Are you saying there's a small period of time where the screen is empty before it is populated with components?

When does that happen exactly?
When you switch from Screen1 to another screen or when you switch from another screen back to Screen1 or also between Screen2 and Screen3 ?

Since you (also) close Screen1 when another screen is opened, Screen1 must then be reopened later when you return to it. So try not closing Screen1 and then just use the CloseScreen block on the other screens to return to Screen1.

Also try to select suitable settings here:

grafik grafik

Try this one (on your test devices):

It is only the moment, when the screens are changing from one to another screen. Thanks.

It is a Feng Shui App with informations about Feng Shui and a garden designer, which I have again restored from the trash. I have a home screen with eight or nine buttons, which open the screens. If I open a screen from screen 1 to another screen then it happens and also if I backpress the screen. I had a closing and opening animation, but the error was still there. Sorry for the late answer. The information of your answers were off. Thank you.

Hello Anke,

Thank you very much. Could I, please, see the code from this screen switching? Could you please send the .aia file or post the code? In earlier times I have switched the screens simply with a button and "open another scree - screen name", but this had the problem, that the screens were not closed and I had close all the screens one after one after finishing and closing the app. This is with this code not necessary. But now is the white screen problem. Thank you! Have a great day! Martina

Dear community,

I created a video of the app bug with the screen switch. Here is a the link:

I hope, this helps to understand, what happens. I really hope for a solution. Thank you!

Entsteht das Problem auch mit meiner Test-APK, wenn die Checkbox NICHT aktiviert ist?
(Bei mir ist dies auf 2 Testgeräten nicht der Fall.)

Hallo Anke,
bezüglich deiner Testapp haben die Screens problemlos gewechselt, ich konnte nur nicht den Code sehen. Besteht nicht das Problem der mehrfach geöffneten Screens? Laut einiger Infos, die ich gelesen habe, sollte man besser Virtual Screens machen, was jedoch bei neun Bildschirmen, die ich habe, eine erheblich lange Aufgabe wäre, da ich alles noch einmal schreiben müsste. Es liegt auf jeden Fall an dem Code mit den Buttons für das Bildschirm-Öffnen und -Schließen. Ich habe den gleichen Code in eine andere App gemacht "Easy TTS to MP3" heißt sie und auch dort erscheint der weiße Bildschirm kurz beim Wechseln auf das Impressum und zurück. Danke dir vielmals! Liebe Grüße Martina

Try this one:

EDIT: APK removed from GD.

Vielen lieben Dank, ich probiere es gleich aus.

Dear Anke,
everything is great with the app. I am not so familiar with forum posts. I am happy, that you will send me the AIA. I am very interested, how you have changed the code. Thank you very much!

Screen 1:

For all other screens (since you are only switching between Screen1 and the others and not between the others themselves):

I sent you the AIA via PM.

Thank you very much. However, one thing is irritating me. I see in the code "loose block", for example "call goToScreen" or the "do result close screen". Are these blocks really allowed to be so loose? Sorry about that, but I know the app works. However, I always thought that each block part must be "stuck in there somewhere". Thank you!
Kind regards

This is no problem, but you should remove those blocks.
I didn't want to go through the trouble of removing these blocks as well.

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