Transfer photos from pc to phone

Hi everyone, I wanted to create an app to send photos from the computer to the phone or tablet. I was thinking with the tiny db component but I don't think it is possible to upload files from the computer. Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks to those who will help me.

USB cable, WiFi, Bluetooth, ...?

It might be easier to upload the photos from the computer to the internet... this could be for example Google Drive, Dropbox, your own web host, etc and download them from there to the device


Thanks! Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday

If you only want to transfer photos on your computer to your phone, the easiest way is to connect to a USB and drag/copy the files to your device. This only takes a few seconds.

However, if you want these photos to be accessible to others, you have no choice but to upload them somewhere so that your users can download them from there.

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