Transfer Apps to a different Account W/o access to the Account

Hi all,

A few days ago, school admin made it so I can only log in to things with google with a school account, not my personal account, which is the one I've been using.

Is there any way I can transfer the apps I've made and am working on to another account without access to it?
@ewpatton, any suggestions?

If anyone needs it, I can pm them my google accounts/emails.

Do you know the password to the school google? If so, you can transfer projects using your phone. Log in to your account on the phone, download projects to the phone's memory. Then log in to your school account and import projects.

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If you login to AI2 at home with your personal account on your own PC, you should be able to export your projects as .aia files (one at a time), and bring those to school to import into your Google account.

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@Patryk_F, @ABG Thanks for the replies. I figured that logging in on my phone would be the best way.