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Hi I am using the extension of mit personal image classifier and there are 2 versions in this page In the new version I cant upload jpg files just taking pictures, can you add this option as the old version?

Your question is similar to this one Model is too large to upload into Personal Image Classifier .

It appears there are lots of small issues with this experiment. See also these links.
The previous version of the tool had features that disappeared in the new tool. I think a link to the old tool still exists.

Be patient and someone from MIT might comment. Realize this is a holiday week in USA.

thanks steve I will wait for someone from mit

You can drag and drop images into the classes to upload them in this new version. You can also access the older version of the interface by using the "Previous Version" link at the top of the screen.

Oh yeah so nice, thanks for the reply, maybe you can upload a video explaning that you can drag and drop images in the new version or just you can add a label on the web.

Thank you again

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