Traductor Táder

Hi everybody!
I'm sharing my little app to translate from arabic to spanish (and vice versa).
Unfortunately, I'm not able to publish it on MIT app Gallery, due to the use of one extension.
Here you have a temporary link:
Hope it would be useful to you!

Maybe you can post some screenshots so others can see how it looks. If you want to share your aia you can also upload it to the community. The link you posted is only valid for 7 days.

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Thanks Peter, I'm new here. How can I upload my aia here?

You can also upload some screenshots that way.

Ok, thank you very much!! :slight_smile:
Traductor_Tader_b.aia (155.3 KB)

Hello Antonio

I think the extension you are using has been withdrawn by Taifun - App Inventor has it's own Text To Speech Component - did you try it?

You must not do this:

Screen one (The 'King' of the Screens) is already open, your code is opening an additional Screen1 and that will cause memory issues.

Just do this:

App Inventor will automatically return to the Screen that launched the one being closed.


Hi Chris.
I was not able to get spoken arabic expressions with Speech Recognizer. That's why I finally use Taifun to do it.
I didn't know about screen behavior, thank you very much for pointed it out!
Best regards!
Antonio C.

Text to Speech or Speech Recognizer? Different things. How well Text to Speech performs depends on the engine the device is using, not the code that feeds the text to it.

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