Tracking the history of the .aia file

Hi All

Does the .aia file keep some internal history of its creation? e.g. when originally created, etc. I know that it lists the "date created" on the main page, but, if I create an .aia file today, and send it to you, and then you load it into MITAI tomorrow, it will show tomorrow's date, and I can't see a way that shows me as the original creator and when I created that file.

(I saw an earlier post that asked a similar question, but it seems that there was no solution. For example, I can check inside the folder (from the zip file, "youngandroidproject") , and find the "aname=" attribute, but that does not show the original name: that shows the name that is in the "Project Properties", which you can change any time you want).

Is there such an attribute, and, if so, how do we access it? (Using Windows machine, in case that makes any difference).



Open the file with 7zip, it's all text.

Yes, thanks, that's where I found the "aname=", but that gives the current value only, not the original value. (It will be the original value only if no one has changed the value in "Properties", but, if someone changes it in the "Properties" then there is no way to find the original. Unless it's hidden somewhere else.)


why you need this history?

So, it appears that it can't be done. Thanks, anyway, to those who tried to help.