Tracking pixel from image in movement

hi is there some tool in canvas for follow a group of pixels. in my example i try to follow a group pixels from a image in movement. but i dont know how to limit his movement from a point orientation. and example is the plane white and inside a plane blue. i dont know how to guide with canvas for take the orientation of the plane white for follow the plane blue inside them.

Can you explain more?

mi question its about the tracking pixel of a object with a surface inside other object with surface. my example its with different sizes. the white plane is more larger size than the plane blue.

Maybe a drawing or any real example helps.

both white and blue one are moving in random direction,and blue is only allowed to move inside white? what if blue one reach the white's edge?

both objects the white and blue objects are moving in the same direction like one block but my question its about to take the color pixel blue for tracking his movement. i like know if its possible capture the motion coordinates from the blue pixel for tracking his movement. using the color pixel for orientation.

Sorry I still don't understand what you want to achieve, maybe others can help.

my objective is get the coordinates of a pixel colour specific in movement. thats all , thanks.