Track if user returns to app after external (sharing)

is there anyway to track if the user has returned to the app after they have sent/cancelled an email through the sharing component?

Hi there,

So you want an event handler like 'when Sharing1. Email Cancelled'?

Did you try Kodular (another app creator and another version of AI2, Or, try searching the Pura Vida Apps extensions directory: App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps.

yes, I have. I cant use that platform as an external user will absolutely never be willing to put in their email and password to our app.
I just need to have something that triggers after the user returns to the app from the sharing component - regardless of if they actually sent anything or not.

  • Sharing explains what is available. There is no AfterSharing method, so if there isn't an extension, consider another way. Google is very warry about apps that automatically trigger responses based on a user's activity in an app. They don't want apps that track users.

I dumb dumb level backdoored around it in a way - I pop a notification prompting the user to select weather the photo was sent or not directly after the sharing component in the same function block. based on their response, I was able to trigger the sharing component again to send the next photo in que.

kind of a round-about way, but actually doesn't play to bad on screen and in use at all.