Track Gps position for session training

Is it possible to track the position of the GPS every few second and store them so that at the end of a session training have the route of the session training?

i found something real interesting now :slight_smile:
here you choice the route before start…and it creates the route.!category-topic/mitappinventortest/apps-tips--tricks/P1XeDqkkqgc

but is it possible to move and the route is created with gps lat and long?

No and yes. It is not possible to track the position of the GPS every few seconds. Why? The LocationChanged event will 'fire' only after it confirms a satellite fix (even if you set IntervalTime to a few seconds). On the average, most Android devices require at least 20 seconds or more (depending on conditions described in Using the Location Sensor ) to elicit a LocationChanged event.

It is possible to track the device's progress as it changes location. That is sometimes called making a trak or track. The coordinate information can be saved in a List and or a TinyDB as geocoordinates and saved. The coordinates can be later 'played' back as either individual run time Markers ( Store map.features in tinydb - #5 by patricioruiz ) or as a LineString on a Map.

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do you have some snipset to see how to achieve that?

(to have the points saved from GPS on a map)
I can also store them on a Postgresql database online via APi key! but i don’t know how create route from points

20 second i think is not too bad as time to register datas! do you think is not enough short?