Total time duration

Hi there, i need a help with total time duration.
I've alredy done the app.
It's a bluetooth relay module connection based app, which i connect to a game console with 2 player option.
I've used Spinner list to select a time for play,(e.i 10min,20min,30min...) when time finish it disconnect. Working perfectly.

My concern now is how i get the total time of the selected minutes in the Spinner list.
E.I if I've used 2x10min and 4x30min that means 140min in the end of the day.
Just need calculation in minutes.
Can someone help me with this thank you.

So each time you select a value from the spinner, you like to add that value to get the total in the end?
Just use a global variable to store the total

Set total = total + Spinner.Selection


Hi thanks for the solution.
Can make an example please.
I'm new at this.
Thank you