Рюкзак сломался

Рюкзак сломался. Из-за большого блока он съехал влево и я не знаю что делать???

Please explain exactly what happens, in detail, it is not obvious when and how the problem arises…

The backpack does not handle wide blocks well.

There is an alternative, however.

Take the blocks that you would have dragged into the backpack, and right click on them. In the right click menu, pick the Download as PNG option. Save the file onto your PC, where you save your .aia export backup files for that project. Give the file a good name for what it does, like a good procedure name, event name, global variable name, etc.

Go to the project, screen, or context where you want to bring in a copy of what you saved, and drag it from a Windows File Explorer window where you saved the .png file into t he AI2 Blocks Editor workspace.