Как переименовать пакет апк файла?

При загрузке файла в play console выдается что у нас есть приложение с таким пакетом.Удалить то приложение нельзя так как она заблокировано. Как переименовать пакет апк файла?

Hi @kiff
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I guess you are trying to ask how to change the package name of the .apk file?

If your app is already on Play Store then you cannot change the package name.
You will have to call back your app and then rename the package and once again upload the app.

to change the package name read this :

As @Alaqmar_Bohori said, if the app has already been published in the Play Store, you have to unpublish it first and then choose a different aia name. For example, if your aia name was Quiz.aia, you can now call it Quiz2.aia or BestQuiz.aia.
The new packageName is then:


so for example in my case it would be:


You cannot publish an app with the same packageName that has already been uploaded to the Play Store. (Not even if this app is no longer published.)