Topic on community forum, why is invisible?

I often write messages in the Mit App Inventor forum and after sending them I can't see them
As if the message was not entered
For example yesterday I posted a message on Firebase Cloud Messaging that I also currently can't see
I state that I have set 'all categories', and even pressing 'Latest' or 'News' the message posted yesterday does not appear
While if I search for it with the function at the top right, I find and display it correctly
Why do I not see the message entered when I enter the forum?

This one?

It wouldn't show up in 'New' because it's not new to you, since you created it.
New is posts you haven't seen yet.
However if someone comments on your post(and you haven't read it yet), it will reappear in 'New' because to haven't seen their reply yet.

It will show up in 'Latest' but it will get bumped down the list as other users created new posts.

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Yes, I figured my posts might not see them, strange but understandable
But this post is new to me too and I see it, even before any reply came (as just posted)
What is the reason for this different behavior?

Well it is showing in an un-logged in view of the forum:

You wouldn't see it in 'New' but you would see it in 'Latest'.