Too much code - Gets deleted automatically


in my app inventor workshop at school, one of my students programmed a game. The student's program is quite complex, thus quite a lot of program code. However, no pictures, audio files or videos are embedded.
Now, the student seemed to have reached some kind of limit for the overall sum of code. So whenever the student adds any other code, after the comparison with the server, the progress is lost and gets deleted automatically.

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How many blocks?
How many screens ?
I see 9 yellow warnings in the screenshot....

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Server error. No more files can be saved. Please try again later.

Export the AIA file onto your computer and check the size of the project. If that is over 30 MB, the project would be too big.

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TIM the warnings are for the floating blocks.

Did you notice the floating colors and the floating setter blocks.

I don't think that would cause a problem.

Actually send the .aia file here too. I think (s)he has made much unnecessary code in his/her program. There are many ways to manage too much code.

I saw a post before which tells us how to maintain the number of blocks. But I don't seem to find it now. Someone pls link it here so the (s)he can read that.

Thanks for your answers - really fast, too!

I could attache the aia-file, but it contains the students name, and it should be anonym. The aia-file is only 10kb in size, while the built apk-file is 3,5 mb.

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I have sent you a Private Message

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Note that the blocks and designer are saved independently, so the AIA file size doesn't necessarily correspond to when this would happen. The file is also compressed. Typically the error in the screenshot would occur if the server is either unable to properly store the XML on the server or if the transfer and save operation take more than 1 minute, likely due to a combination of file save and upload bandwidth. One option might be to move the project over to the server and see if you continue to have these errors.

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I was talking about a different topic actually. Where ewpatton gave a speech regarding too much blocks.

But what you wrote would be useful too. :upside_down_face: