To Open email link eg, while clicking on it in webview page⁸

Hi, I used webview to display a webpage within the app. In that web page there is an email link, eg, But, when I open the app and click this link instead of directing me to gmail page, it is showing error message. Help me. Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish to know two possibilities. 1) Can I open the gmail page outside app while an user click the email link. 2) Can I open the gmail page within the app while an user click the email link.

Try extension CustomWebView.

Actually, Im able to open the webpage using webview. But, I am not able to open that is within the webpage. So, how can I achieve this using custom webview. Can you expkain me with a Screenshot.

read the thread of this extension, esp about deeplink


Actually, I already used customemwebview extension to open the url within the app. Okay, I shall read the threads first.

I don't know to code, so can you guide me with blocks?

app details deleted.

I did not see any block using CustomWebView extension. you are using another one.

Myself also did not use deeplink function in CustomWebView extension. You need to find the solution yourself.

Okay, When i search in threads, I can see people are discussing in codes. Okay, let me search again.

If you are using CustomWebView then set DeepLinks property to true after loading url.

Actually I used webview-extra instead of webview. So, can I add custom-webview-extension in this project.

When I try custom webview, I think it does not support webwiew-extra. I guess it is made to work with webview.

Anyhow, I don't know about codes, give me clarity.

WebViewExtra doesn't support mailto links or deeplinks

When i try to load the url using custom webview, the app is getting crash ie, not opening at all but suddenly closing. What is the solution for this?

Read custom webview thread.
That's all I can say.

okay. Il try. I found a post in which a person is saying the way to achieve this by using button. But, my need is to achieve the same when users click the link-text in a webpage. Anyhow I shall share that thread here.

This is the link to that thread- How do you link a button to send an email button with app inventor?

If you get any idea to solve my issue, please help me guys. Thankyou.

I tried this simple thing
blocks (4)
using customwebview. It is not working. App is getting closed without loading/opening.

I used only screen-initialize block. So, is there any alternative way to solve the same issue that we are discussing.

Okay, the issue is solved when i used custom-web-view but another issue is created because of this.

  1. I solved the issue about opening the email link within web page according to the below image.

  2. But, another issue I have to solve now. ie, I was using webview-extra to avoid zoom in and out within the app. But, after I used CustomWebView, Webview extra is not working, so I don't know how to stop zoom in/out of the webpage now. Guide me. Look at the below image.

Did you look at property blocks of CustomWebView?

No. Let me check. Or can you say where I can find property block? Can we find it on the list of blocks that appear when we click over CustomWebView extension?


I tried to find the word property in the list of blocks that appeared while clicking on the extension. But, I couldn't find it. Help me. Thankyou.