To Open email link eg, while clicking on it in webview page⁸

use customwebview, or webviewplus, no need to use two together.
And I did not found your block to set displayzoon in customwebview.

Can you explain about property block? What is the pupose of it and where we can find those blocks?

I'll give you a hint.
Green blocks are properties.

Yellow blocks are events.

Purple blocks are functions/methods.

And since I don't want you to confuse yourself more so I am dropping blocks below.Hope you find it useful.

  1. Actually, I was using WebviewExtra extension. That helped me to prevent Zoom in/out.

But, today I included CustomWebView to open deeplink (email link) within webpage.

Yes, Im ready to do everything with one Extension CustomWebView, but I don't know how to prevent webpage from Zoom in/out using CustomWebView.

Can you explain the steps to stop Zoom in/out of the Webpage using CustomWebView?

Thankyou. Il try it.

Yes, it worked fine. Thankyou very much.

Now I have to solve one more issue. That is 'back navigation'. I mean, when i click a new page and click to come back to previous page, it is not working.

What did you try to solve this problem?

Author Deleted.

I tried using the block 'go back', but not working.

You are using the GoBack method before going to an url? Does this make sense? Obviously not...

See this example

The custom webviewer offers the same methods


Yes, it worked. Thankyou.