To do list stopped working

Are you asking about those popups that ask Are You Sure? before doing the delete?

Those don't come free. You have to program them yourselves with a Notifier dedicated to the Delete process.

no I tested you app and the thing where the item I wanted to add to the list only appears for a split second and then deletes.

no (why does the reply have to be 10 characters)

Lets go step by step !

  1. When you enter text in the text box and click the button. The text is added to the List View??and the text box is cleared. Ready for the next entry !?

The text is added but then instantly deleted

Are u using Just my code? or have u ixed my code with something of your code??

HEre I have added 4 items
and then closed the app

On re starting the app, the list view shows all 4 enteries

Then I delete 2 enteries !

just your code but its not giving the same result that you got when you sent the picture of alpha delta which is weird cause I didnt change anything

yes I am using the exact same app you are and instead of being able to add multiple items I cant add any cause when I add one it instantly deletes itself you get me? also I might have to leave and be back in 30 minutes

The app presently is NOT asking for user confirmation to DELETE. If you simple tap on a list item, it will DELETE.

no i know but when I add an item it just goes away you know?

I can check ur code on your PC in case that is OK with you and u use Anydesk

Im actually on a school chromebook and sorry but i have to leave for like 30 minutes

I suggest open a NEW PROJECT and Start from scratch ! It is a mini project and takes precisely 5 - 10 minutes .

ok ill tell you when im back

Try this. This has the user confirmation required to edit or delete the selected item

Test.aia (3.7 KB)

Ok i'm back and now that I have everything figured out, my app is working well and its all good. Thank you for helping even though you didn't have to.