To do list app - creating lists from user input using cloud db

Hello, I am creating a to do list app that allows users to create their own lists. I am using cloud db. I am trying to figure out a way to create each list separately when the user clicks a button to create a title. I want the list name to match the name they entered for the list title and I can't figure out how to do so. Moreover, I want each list that is created by the user to be stored in cloud db and then users be able to pick their lists.

clouddb is based on key-value pairs, you need to decide which data as key, and which data as value.

and this app for your self only? or multi users can input their todos in same database?

it would essentially be for multi users to input into same database, not very knowledgeable with cloud db so it may not work the way i want it to

i would like each new to do list to be new a tag in cloud db, but i was trying to figure out how to pull the tag name from a user input text box

each user has his own todo list? or they are using same one list?

if the former one, you can use the user name as tag, and the todo list as value.

My original idea was that each user could access each list and create new ones and edit them but I couldn’t figure that out. Now I’m trying an idea where cloud db just has the list items and users can add the list to their list by clicking a button. Everytime a user adds an item it is stored in cloud db. I have not set up anything with usernames, maybe that’s what I should do. This is for school, so all I have to do is show cloud db functionality