To create an app which detects the following behaviour of the person 1) Sitting 2) walking and 3) Driving

To create such app what are the sensors we have to use in the project. Do we have to include GPS also in the project OR sensors itself can do the job? What are the sensors that we can include?

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  1. Sitting - try Pedometer and Clock
  2. Walking .. try the Pedometer 🐾 Foreground Pedometer by SteveJG and Pedometer
  3. Driving .. try LocationSensor and Clock

or try the

What you do depends on what characteristics you are attempting to measure and relate to an activity.

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I tried using 1) Location sensor to get speed and 2) Pedometer sensor to check if a person is walking.

Now, I need to create this.
If a person is not walking (pedometer sensor) and if a person is in movement in a speed of 5 km/hr (location sensor), then play a music (You_are_driving.mp3). So, how can i mix both the sensor blocks.

UPDATE 1: Am I getting closer. I myself imagined and tried to convert default local variable 'speed' into a global variable 'data1'. Then I used it within the block of pedometer. I don't know will it work or not.


Guide me to find the error and solve it.

Init data1 to 0

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