Title scroll with contents

@TIMAI2 Wait do we have animation utilities in app inventor? I guess NO
Until I found alternative to that extension I have deselected the solution.

Try this:
titleScroll2.aia (34.2 KB)

credits vknow360 abd Juan_Antonio for extensions

[aia updated, I had the old Move extension, which crashed on compile, should be OK now.]

Can you explain me one thing that why your multiply block is like this:

and why mine is like this??

Right click on blocks -> external / internal inputs

ok thank you so it's just for cosmetic purpose or it affects functioning of app also?



It helps arranging code, nothing else

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code.appinventor is very slow it's showing apk download time 5 mins

Edit: Now finally it's failed

Nope it's not what I wanted it doesn't works right

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It works great but it has 3 problems:

  1. It breaks Vertical Scroll handler, you can't use smooth scroll by block.
  2. It's proprietary.
  3. No Support / No bug fixing

Note: I realized it doesn't even works in app inventor it works only in kodular.

and why am I not surprised :smiley:

Please elaborate what are you trying to say?

I think the best way to make an app with app inventor is use web viewer and make your app as an webapp because html css js makes everything easier and here you have compromise for every single thing.

updated titleScroll2 aia above, was using old Move extension which crashed things.

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Still it isn't perfect it should come down again once we scroll but it goes up and come down only while starting scroll it doesn't works all over the scroll.

@TIMAI2 It's very near just need to add animation please see if you can do
titleScroll3.aia (44.3 KB)
Note: Due to floating title bar it shows multiple on companion refresh so you will have to export apk or reset companion everytime u make a single change.

@TIMAI2 Any progress on titleScroll3 aia? It's very near just need to animate.

  1. Nowhere near near, nothing like the one I suggested
  2. You want an extension, so wait for that
  3. I provided a solution, now finished here.

Ok fine let's wait it may take 1 day / 1 week / 1 month / 1 year / 1 decade who knows let's just wait.

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