Title scroll with contents

How can I scroll titlebar arrangement that is horizontal arrangement with contents see like this:

Now please don't tell me use:

  1. Deephost title scroll view (Why? Because it has some issues and doesn't work right sometimes)
  2. Parallax View extension (Why? Because that's totally different thing)

See this, to get you going:

titleScroll.aia (11.8 KB)

covers the scrolling of the title bar. You need to get a scroll handling extension and apply some logic

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Yes I achieved this few days ago, but without animation.

That's what I want to know I have tried a lot but never able to complete it.

Scroll up decrease the height of the title
Scroll down increase the height of the title

Probably need to do it logarithmically, so that more action occurs at the start/end.


You will came to know about the problems when you will deep dive into this once you are able to achieve this then please share your aia with me.

I have seen all the scroll handlers they only provide on scroll changed block, they don't have on scroll up and on scroll down that's the main problem here.

You can monitor the onScroll position and adjust your title position accordingly.

That is a huge assumption :wink: Perhaps you should have a go yourself, if you get stuck, return with images of your relevant blocks and a full description of why your are stuck.


@TIMAI2 any progress on this?

Have you done what I suggested above ?

nope I tried only once the companion was crashing then again I restored your aia.

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WOW amazing

@TIMAI2 Wait do we have animation utilities in app inventor? I guess NO
Until I found alternative to that extension I have deselected the solution.

Try this:
titleScroll2.aia (34.2 KB)

credits vknow360 abd Juan_Antonio for extensions

[aia updated, I had the old Move extension, which crashed on compile, should be OK now.]

Can you explain me one thing that why your multiply block is like this:

and why mine is like this??

Right click on blocks -> external / internal inputs

ok thank you so it's just for cosmetic purpose or it affects functioning of app also?



It helps arranging code, nothing else

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code.appinventor is very slow it's showing apk download time 5 mins

Edit: Now finally it's failed