TinyWebDB in local network

Good morning to the whole forum,
First of all, thanks to all who help selflessly in the forum.
I am trying to mount a small database on an Apache server that I have running, but I cannot save or read data.
I have followed this tutorial applied to my internal network server.
I have followed this tutorial
https://github.com/Kodular/TinyWebDB-PHP but I don’t know if I have to do anything else.

Thanks for your help!

Have you tested that you have php up and running on your server?
Are you using the correct url to the php pages?

Also see here:

Solved, i have to modify
.htcacces and putt my folder

Start the rewrite engine

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /mywebfolder

Now, is posible to add web interface to add data to the json?


For the web interface use html forms and php: