TinyWebDB, CloudDB and other web-storage solutions

Hi, I am making progress :slight_smile: Now I am doing the MakeQuiz of chapter 10 here : http://www.appinventor.org/book2.

This raised some new questions :

  • I read in the explanations that TinywebDB is just for trying, but that I shouldn't let my Questions-Answers stored in that DB (if my understanding's correct).
    I also followed another tutorial : chat on cloudDB.
    Is it the same with CloudDB ?
    What is the difference between TinywebDB and CloudDB ?

  • Similarly (or maybe a little bit different) : I was wondering, too, if it's possible to refer to something stored in a dropbox or googledoc - either for retrieving or for saving datas. I saw there seem to be that possibility, but didn't understand it all.

Maybe it's easier to understand my concerns if you know what my project is - but I am not asking for solutions :innocent: I am so gratefull for the help I mostly receive on forums : but please, don't spent to much time explaining things :slight_smile: I am posting a long message, but in fine there are only the 2-3 "theoretical" questions above ; I'll come to you later with concrete problems.

It is quite similar to MakeQuiz :
The app has got two interfaces for two different end users (a) for the patient and (b) for my colleagues (speech therapist, won't code in API)
(a) patient sees a picture and has to name it (eventually, he/she receives help) - the app scores his/her answers and helps needed.
Thanks to the few tutos I followed, I now know how to do this !
(b) therapist can see the scores on his/her own device
optionnal (as in MakeQuiz tutorial) : therapist can enter the pictures, helps and correct answers through the app.
This part is more challenging : I know conceptually how to do a part of it, but I also stay with some questions. I think that communication between (a) and (b) must transit through the web.
--> As a therapist, I prefer to choose pics and type texts on a computer (it's quicker). So it would be better if I could list the answers e.g. in a spreadsheet or textfile stored in an easy accessible cloud (dropbox, googledoc), and copy the pictures (adequately named) in the same folder, and retrieve all datas to "fill" the patient's app.
Similarly, if scores and answers were saved in that kind of format (e.g. spreadsheet or textfile) it would be easier for the therapist to retrieve.
Hence my second concern ...

Thanks a lot in advance for the explanations you might give :slight_smile:

TinywebDB has a limit on the number of items it will store. So, if too many items are being stored, it will start to delete the oldest items. This is for all users. Also, if someone creates an object with the same name as yours, it will be overwritten. There is no security and no privacy.

CloudDB on the other hand has isolation between users and no hard limit on storage. However, we have limited storage on the server, and we may have to implement some restrictions in the future, but for now, it is reasonably safe to store stuff in CloudDB. Someone else cannot see your entries, nor remove them and for now, the system will not remove anything.

At the moment over all storage on the server is reasonable, so I do not foresee implementing any restrictions soon. However, that could change if people start abusing the service (it does cost us money to maintain!).


Thank you Jeff for these explanations, so before I let my staff use it with patients I should maybe plan something in the app that prevents accumulating datas, so we don't load the servers.
Actually, for now I didn't manage to follow the tutorial and make it work with cloudDB :wink: but I am working on it !
---EDIT : it works now on cloudDB (so proud) ; though, my second question remains (about dropbox) ---

May I ask what you (or someone else here) think about storing the datas and pictures in a dropbox ? is it a good idea or not ? and why ?

Thank for your help :slight_smile: :wave: