TinyDB not accepting arguments anymore

I once cleared the data in my dream journal to reset it and then the save button just stopped working. No idea why. Reinstalling didn't work. Please tell me what to do.

Project: Lucid_helper (1).aia (14.0 KB)

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Please show your relevant blocks...

Following my earlier suggestion, use this block:

instead of this:
blocks (47)

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Relevant blocks...?

Have you modified the blocks as per my suggestion? If a list is written to TinyDb, and components that read values from TinyDb expect a list, you must also include the list in the "valueIfTagNotThere" field, a mostly empty list. When you append an empty string to this field, if the Tag is empty, the component that expects a list from that tag will report an error.

yeah and it still doesn't work

Strange because I modified your app according to this suggestion on both screens and the app works fine. No longer reports bugs.

What exactly isn't working?

This. Maybe there's something with my phone though...

Post your current aia here.

Lucid_helper.aia (14.5 KB)

You did not follow my suggestions ...


Sorry missed it :slight_smile:

It works tysm :smiley:

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