Tinydb {"NetworkPermission":true}

Hi, I added tinydb to my app by default the tinydb holds {"NetworkPermission":true}
I deleted it from the app, saved the progress restarted AI2, added tinydb as a new component.
I have not added or saved anything to the db but it holds {"NetworkPermission":true}, if I delete the entry its fine.. but when I reload the app it reappears.

Ive just opened a different project, added tinydb and set a text box to Call tinydb.GetEntries
it displays {"NetworkPermission":true}

Any ideas ?

If the namespace is the same...you will see the same data stored...remove the tag or use a different namespace.

This topic can also be helpful to you:

I was tested using companion on 2 different phones same result, so i built an apk to test it on phone only same result

From the topic I have shared above:

Ramon, that does seem to have solved the issue, I cant say that I understand the namespace thing but it has worked, thanks

Take a look at this:

You will find very interesting information and it will surely be clearer to you, including this graphic explanation of the namespaces:

from here TinyDB after uninstall of an APP - #6 by ewpatton

Note that on newer versions of Android, Google automatically backs up all app data, so even if you uninstall and reinstall an app with TinyDB, it’s possible that Android will restore the database from the app backup.


Ramon yes that makes it much clearer !!

Taifun, that sounds like it could make things even more confusing !!