TinyDB is not carrying over my data as it should

The app I've been working on has always carried data as it should, but a new TinyDB just doesn't work as it should. From Screen2 to Screen 3, it's a TinyDB (the one i named SEBAstage) that should just carry over a number, but it doesn't do it from the first time when I initialize Screen3.

I have a lot of blocks when the screen initializes, but the most important part is that it calls in the TinyDB. I have dubbelchecked if my TinyDB's had the same namespace in both screens and that was the case.
I have a button to check what's wrong. When I click that button, the number changes from 0 to 1 (1 is the number I should have). After that, the number doesn't change, so I guess it just has to check two times before it can find the right variable.
These are the blocks I use to "send" data into the TinyDB.
From Screen3 to Screen2, it just doesn't carry over any data
Also, is there any way to delete the data in a TinyDB? If so, that would solve some other problems.

Yes. See TinyDB


ClearAll() Clear the entire data store.

ClearTag(tag) Clear the entry with the given tag.

You appear to have 4 namespaces: 0, 1, 2, and 3 ?
Why so many tinydb instances, you only need one (or could name them differently on different screens)?

Not that so many namespaces is a good idea, that many blocks in the Screen Initialize block can be an issue - put them in a separate Procedure block and call that procedure (make it the last entry in the Screen Initialize block).