TinyDB - Is it possible?

I have data trapped in my app that I would like to transport to a newer version of my app. I am thinking to trap the data in a text file and then copy it to the new app. Could this work?

The data is 150+ strings having 8 comma delimited items each

Hi, do you have all of your TinyDB data stored in only one namespace?

Yes. all in a single variable.

I have other TinyDB vars stored but they are not important

No I mean do you have all of your Tiny DB data just in one namespace?


Sorry but I am not certain I understand. I put all of it in one DB with var name Data. My app has 7 screens and the data is recorded in one screen but read in two other screens. One screen is the stats table I showed here and the other is a graph screen.

I can easily write all of the needed data into a textbox

Check here, what are namespaces: How do I use TinyDB (feat. namespace)? - #2 by ABG

You can check your project for the component TinyDB and in the designer properties section, you can look for namespace.

One namespace

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Your data is stored by TinyDB, in an installed app?
If your phone is rooted, you can get your data here:

otherwise, you can use OCR on the screenshot of the Stats.

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Nice answer. I will look. Thanks
Hmm I don't see a data folder. I do have show hidden files turned on
Ahhh my phone is not rooted

Your data in TinyDB still will be there after installing an update of your app


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So I should be able to install Etiny into my existing app and grab the string data, then store it in a file and in the receiving app retrieve it?

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Yes. Thank you @Taifun . I am needing to port my data from one app to another as well as one fone to another. I think @Kumaraswamy has my answer

Is it possible to export TinyDB data from an another existing app? I don't think so.

Kumaraswamy has EtinyDB and it can save the data to a file and retrieve it. That should work yes?

It's only text. Seems to me it should be portable :thinking:

Hi Kevin, using ETinyDB, you can export all of the application's tiny DB data into a JSON file and also load it back to the app using JSON or file input.

I mean from other app, not the app this extension is inside of.
Is this possible?

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What if it's not JSON and only text/strings? Will it still export and import?

I dont get you, can you elaborate more?