TinyDB instances sharing data on installed apps?


Do App Inventor apps that are installed share TinyDB instances? Specifically, if a value is stored in TinyDB1 with a Tag, and then another value is stored in TinyDB2 with the same Tag, can the values be different (i.e. Same TAGs, Different TinyDBs)?

I have attached a sample aia that demonstrates that if a value is stored in TinyDB1 with a commone Tag, it can be retrieved from TinyDB2 using the same Tag. This is unexpected behavior (IMHO).

I have reviewed the documentation that explains shared data when using the Companion app, but this seems very different to me.

Thank you for any explanation you can provide.

rTinyDbTestApp.aia (2.3 KB)

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Without having looked at your project, I would guess you did not change the TinyDB NameSpaces to differentiate the multiple TinyDBs.

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Please post images of blocks if you could instead of posting the aia. In that way it becomes easier to understand in the forum.

I’m not exactly sure what do you mean, But the key value store depends upon the Namespace. If you are using the same namespace, then it’s essentially pointing to the same set of data.

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Thank you! Now I see it. :slight_smile:

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