TinyDB help save me

hello I m doing a school project to create a fitness app i have created an app that record your calories burned with pedometer now i have to create a thing to record my daily weekly and monthly calories burned and display it i figured out that i have to use tineydb
BUT I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT :grinning: and i have searched for it for a week and tried over 50 project and still cant do it please save me :sob:

Hello and welcome,

you have here some information relative to tinyDB:
FAQ Section: TinyDB - Frequently Asked Questions - MIT App Inventor Community

Read it, try to use tinyDb component and back if you have any trouble with it.

Good luck and enjoy it!

Bring in a Clock from the Designer Sensors Drawer.

It has blocks (format) that can be used to form pieces of text for the year, month, day.

You can JOIN those to make tags for TinyDB values of how many calories were used in that time span.

tag, value
2024, all the calories for 2024 so far
202405 , all the calories for month 05 of 2024
20240512, all the calories for today.

The Clock has blocks to step through days, too.

Or use Date Pickers for your limits.