TinyDB Does not appear to be storing data between screens & app start

I have been unable to store values in tinyDB and recall the data between screens and on app start. I am using the AI2 Qr code to test the app.

I need to load data when the app is run the first time, but to retain and reload changed and updated data so that the app resumes where the user left off. I must set the data on the first run.

As a test, I have tried storing false, but on reload or app start it always runs the code on then-statement.

Yes I fixed the spacing issue in the image

you are using two tags
one is FirstRun
another is First Run

Yea, I fixed that but it still does not work as expected.

Perhaps because the value has already been stored as false. Try setting it as true with a block, then delete it and re-run the program.

Remove the green block and clear TinyDB before testing

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Thank you for the input. I did not get it to work as expected, but the work around was to just load data into a form field.

What about providing a screenshot of your latest version?