Tinydb backup & restore

I want to transfer my tinydb from phone to another,
And restore tinydb from shared folder like download????

Search tinyDBX, use this extension.

Try an extension

taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


It didn't work form shared folder
It works with app folder just

These blocks can turn the contents to text for file output and input.

Unfortunately I have not yet mastered file transfers.

P.S. This needs a JSON and dictionaries refresh.

Yes, because of Some basics on Android storage system

What about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks? @Juan_Antonio might want to confirm, that the extension still works


There is also the consideration of multiple Namespaces.

How are they handled?

Here is my first attempt at exporting and importing through randomly generated CloudDB tags, by NameSpace:

TinyDB_Backup_Restore_CloudDB.aia (23.3 KB)

The recovery code idea was stolen from code.appinventor.mit.edu

This early version requires you to know your TinyDB NameSpaces, and to ship them manually.

I also did one a while ago, but without handling namespaces

storeTinyDBToVariable.aia (2.7 KB)